7/26/08 - Moving to Los Angeles

A message to fans: Patrick is relocating from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Los Angeles, California as of July 31st, 2008 for both personal and career reasons.

Patrick will be back performing and recording in September.  For those of you in…

5/27/08 - New Version of "Arsonist Blues" Posted

Hey All,
Brand-New version of Arsonist Blues is up. A step up from the former acoustic demo, for those of you who like to nod your head to a rhythm of some sort.

A quick note about what's…

4/16/08 - And Now For Some News...

1) "Arsonist Blues" is getting the track it deserves, from a fledgling acoustic demo to a full-band recording. Stay tuned for that.

2) There is a cover in the works being recorded. It's a surprise, so you'll just have…

3/16/08 - Mailing List Button Fixed...

Sorry about the problem with the mailing list button not working for awhile, but it's all in order now.  If you were trying to get the free MP3s before but couldn't, now you can.  Hope you all have a great…

3/14/08 - Blogging Time

I had started a blog on MySpace about a week ago, and now I've carried it over to my main page.  So as of today, there is a blog section of my website which will be updated every so often…

3/9/08 - Mailing List = Free MP3s

As of today, if you sign up for the mailing list here on the site you'll be eligible to download two FREE Mp3s - "Untangled" and "Sugar and Lies!"  Sign up and get 'em today..

3/8/08 - New Song

New demo recording of my song "Sugar and Lies" is now posted on my MySpace and Facebook pages, and soon will be here in the Audio section of this site. 

"Sugar and Lies" is actually an older song, originally…

3/2/08 - New Site Design!

New website!

Videos, song clips, new pictures, all the goods, coming soon straight to your computer, via here.