5/30/11 - Writing, Recording

Things have been seemingly quiet the past few weeks here, I know.  I've been on break from performing live to focus on writing new material, as well as polishing up the finishing touches on the two EPs to be released this summer, Relics and Stranger's Shoes.

In case I haven't already made an announcement, here it is!  Relics is a live in-studio and unplugged EP of select songs from Antiques, and Stranger's Shoes is a collection of cover songs in collaboration with Lucas Martinez (Including "Idioteque" and "Feeling Good," amongst others).  Release dates are still TBA, but more updates will come as things are closer to completion.

And of course, I've been writing for the forthcoming full-length release entitled Moon King, due out before the end of 2011!

Lots of goodies on the horizon, so stay tuned - In the meantime, spread the word.  You're the greatest help I have in getting my music out into the world.

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