12/10/08 - Basement Tapes EP Out of Print

Dear Friends,

It's been awhile.

I'm just dropping in because it's come to my attention as of yesterday that Basement Tapes EP is out of print and now officially sold out. It'll continue to be available on iTunes for awhile longer, however.

As you all know, the EP is just a collection of pre-production demos from awhile back. It's now out of print because some of the songs have been re-recorded and are going to be re-released along with a slew of new material for the upcoming full length LP, which is currently undergoing production here in Los Angeles.

As always, it's an infinite pleasure to know you. If you want to catch up while I'm busy laying the bricks on the new material, then feel freer than free to sign up for the mailing list, keep up with the blog, comment, or message with whatever Hellos you feel like sharing today.

It's Wednesday, go do something fun.

Take it easy - but take it!


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